Defence of Freedom of Speech and Democracy
We help people who have experienced any form of persecution or violence while exercising their freedom of speech and other human rights.

If you are aware of the cases or have become a victim of corruption, violations in the trial processes, illegal actions by the authorities, contact us. We will help you to share the information on our YouTube channel and conduct a journalistic investigation.
Suleyman Suleymanli, a political YouTube blogger from Azerbaijan, a victim of persecution by the authorities
About us

Defence of Freedom of Speech and Democracy
is the Association, whose goals are:
We were appalled by the way bloggers are persecuted
in Europe for exercising their right to speak freely.

Observing the governments’ cruel actions towards
oppositional activists, who expose the truth to the public,
we decided to create Defence of Freedom of Speech
and Democracy

— an Association that strives to expand access
to independent information and helps people protect their rights.
  • fostering active citizenship,
  • providing independent information,
  • protecting freedom of speech and democratic values,
  • helping victims of human rights violations.
Case examples

One of the recent cases is the case of the YouTube blogger Suleyman Suleymanli from Azerbaijan. In his videos, Suleyman criticises the Azerbaijani government and corruption. In 2020, he called Azerbaijani people to participate in anti-government protests. The Azerbaijani authorities considered his blogging activity as a criminal offence and initiated criminal proceedings against the blogger, with Suleyman’s relatives being harassed by the Azerbaijani authorities.

Another case is the blogger Mahammad Mirzali, who was attacked by six men and stabbed more than ten times. After that, he received a message on his phone, saying “This is the last warning.” That’s all due to Mahammad’s YouTube channel “Made in Azerbaijan” where he covers topics such as the persecution of oppositional activists by Azerbaijani President, corruption, etc.

An oppositional activist, Dashgyn Agalarli, fell victim to Polish police’s detention. Another journalist, Sevinc Osmanqizi, who hosts the “Osmanqizi TV” TV program, exposing the Azerbaijani government’s crimes, was threatened with releasing her intimate photos and received phone calls with death threats to her and her family.

The increasing number of persecution cases, cruelty of the governments’ actions towards journalists and bloggers, exposing the truth to the public and thus exercising their right to freedom of speech — those prompted us to create the Association.
Mahammad Mirzali in his video posted on "Made In Azerbaijan" YouTube channel
Sevinc Osmanqizi speaking with journalists on why she can't return to Baku
We can help, if you have experienced any of the following violations while openly expressing your opinion on:
Corruption and arbitrariness of authority
Torture and cruel or inhuman treatment
Limitations of freedom of association
Limitations of peaceful gatherings and expression
Conditions of detention
Violation of fair trial standards
How we work
  • 1
    We organise a consultation, where we clarify the details of your case and ask you to prepare the necessary documents.
  • 2
    You prepare the specified documents and send them to us.
  • 3
    We proceed either with our own forces or by getting you in touch with our lawyers.
There is always something we can do!
  • We will share your case on our YouTube channel, exposing the details of your case to 200,000+ followers.
  • If you have been forced to leave your country due to political persecution, we can advise you or put you in touch with our lawyers.
  • We will conduct a journalistic investigation based on the details provided, if necessary.
  • If you applied for asylum in the country you’re in right now, but have been rejected in getting refugee status, our lawyers can help you lodge a complaint with a court or similar national authority.

Contact us

If you:

  • are experiencing any form of discrimination,
  • are a victim of persecution due to exercising your right to speak freely,
  • have faced violations during the trial,
  • have been exposed to torture or cruel and inhuman treatment,
  • or have been affected in any other way,

leave your details providing the information about your case, and we will get back to you.

+ 41 76 527 33 72
Switzerland, Postfach, 9000 St. Gallen
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