A new brand and website for a business and cultural equipment manufacturer.
Change the appearance of the company and build a strong brand. In the fall of 2019, we were approached by a supplier of equipment for business events, museums, and tours.

Negotiations began with creating a website on Tilda, but the client was inspired by the idea of a full-fledged rebranding. We set to work: naming, corporate identity and website.
Name options
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Print layouts
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The process
The logo replicates the shape of a horn, showing the company's connection to voice equipment and the transmission of important information. The letters that are increasing in size are a metaphorical representation of sound waves.
Gilroy font is the epitome of modern grotesque. It includes 20 fonts in various boldnesses. The font is designed with Opentype in mind: perfect for websites with multiple localizations, web design, and printing.
We made a business card of a non-standard shape: it repeats the shape of the logo. It took a long time to choose a printing company; we needed a thick matte cardboard. A business card with such a design immediately stands out from the stack of competitive offers.

For the New Year 2020 we made a corporate gift calendar with a gradient and Cromi pattern and three tiers. We played up the new name with amusing slogans. We designed an informational brochure and made a holdall for events where Cromi provides equipment. Inside the booklets potential customers will find information about services, discounts and Cromi contacts.

We included funny desktop backgrounds into the brand's identity to diversify the working lives of the company's employees.

They invented and drew cartoon characters designed to cheer up the employees - Cromiosaurs.
A new perspective on familiar things
We figured out how to translate the new brand through office design elements. We incorporated slogans into the design of the premises that would set the employees up for productive work.
We made branded gum for event attendees and company employees: fresh breath, and also information about Cromi on the packaging.
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Photo by Jacob
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